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Zwigi Guidelines. Let's play it safe.

On the Zwigi platform, our business is to assist our users to make money by selling a
wide range of goods & items. However, some items are prohibited and cannot be posted or sold on our platform. 

We appeal to our users to also refrain from listing inappropriate items that could be considered as unsuitable or offensive.

College Student

These are a no-no

1. Weapons and Hazardous Materials

2. Illegal Substances

3. Food

4. Forged and Counterfeit Products

5. Explicit Sexual Content

6. Discriminatory Contents/Items

7. Services

8. Illegal Items

9. Animal/ Wildlife/ Wildlife Products

10. Medical Items

Weapons and Hazardous Materials

 All Items that have strict regulations and could pose a threat to security or health are illegal or can be used to perpetrate criminal activities are not allowed to be listed on the Zwigi app. Items listed below are prohibited so as to avert legal issues, especially as laws and regulations vary in the various locations where the Users reside. These Items include but are not limited to:

  1. Any and all firearms, including handguns, sidearms, rifles, shotguns, and the functional parts such as ammunition, bullets, magazines, holsters, or other related Items;

  2. Knives used as weapons, not including culinary, kitchen, or utility knives;

  3. Any other equipment that could be used as weapons such as bows, arrows, crossbows, and bolts;

  4. Equipment that could be used to subdue humans or animals such as tasers, mace, pepper spray, batons, handcuffs, etc.;

  5. Protective vests such as; body armor, bulletproof vests, not including protective clothing used for recreational team sporting activities;

  6. All explosive devices such as bombs, fireworks, dynamite, grenades, etc.; and

  7. All hazardous chemicals designed for offensive or defensive use such as tear gas, mustard gas, etc.


Health departments regulate the sale of certain foods, especially homemade foods. Due to these regulations, and because we can not enforce them, we have prohibited the listing of the following food Items:

  1. Homemade confectionaries, snacks, and other types of baked goods;

  2. Perishable food Items such as dairy, meat, seafood, poultry, and poultry products, fish, raw fruits, and vegetables, etc.;

  3. Homemade shelf products, like jam, ranch dressing, jelly, butter, cheese, etc.; or

  4. Packaged commercial food that has been approved by a food regulation agency, that has not expired, and which the packaging has not been tampered with or broken are allowed to be Listed.

Explicit Sexual Content

We do not allow the Sale or Listing of contents, Items, or materials that could be considered sexually explicit or adult contents. These Items include:

  1. Sex toys and other related equipment,

  2. Pornographic content, and

  3. Items depicting graphic nudity.

Discriminatory Contents/Items

Our Platform welcomes Users with different beliefs, creeds, religions, backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, ideologies, and socio-economic backgrounds. Because of this, we implore our Users to be sensitive to other App Users by refraining from the use, Posting, Listing of materials, and Items that could be disrespectful to others. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Racially motivated messages or racial slurs,

  2. Items that encourage any type of violence against any race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and against all animals,

  3. Discriminatory Posts or Messages of any kind, and

  4. Items that advertise or promote hate groups, discriminatory groups, such as Neo-Nazi, KKK, terrorist organizations, and groups formed for the purpose of causing hate and discontent.


At this moment, Zwigi is a Platform for the Listing of Items for Sale, Purchase, or Rent. We do not allow Listings that offer services, including, but not limited to:

  1. Laundry,

  2. Baby and pet sitting,

  3. IT support,

  4. Solicitations, dates, personal meetings, or hookups,

  5. Yard, garage, or other sales venues,

  6. Job postings, or

  7. Tutoring.

Illegal Items

The Zwigi App platform does not allow the Listing or Sale of illegal Items or those Items meant for the exclusive use of security personnel or law enforcement and any Item that could encourage criminal activities such as:

  1. Stolen Items,

  2. Forged documents, including fake IDs, licenses, or any other official, legal or government-issued documents,

  3. Exclusive law enforcement related Items like uniforms and badges,

  4. License plate or car tags, or

  5. Vehicles unable to be registered by the User.

Animals/Wildlife/ Wildlife Products

 Our protective policy not only seeks to protect people but animals as well. In our effort to maintain best practices, we have tailored our Policy to protect animal rights and encourage the protection of endangered wildlife. The following are prohibited for Sale, Rent, or Lending on our Platform:

  1. Live farm animals and livestock,

  2. Pets including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, or coral,

  3. Insects, and

  4. Parts of wildlife and endangered wildlife such as ivory, animal hides, furs, feathers, feet, and other related products like this

  5. We allow for the listing and sale of animal products and foods approved by the appropriate authorities, subject to the Terms and Conditions set elsewhere in this document.

Medical Items

Certain medical Items have strict regulations and are not allowed to be Listed on Zwigi:

  1. Contact lenses and other prescribed vision aids,

  2. Drugs and substances that require a prescription from qualified medical personnel,

  3. Syringes and needles,

  4. Tattoo equipment, or

  5. Enhancement drugs, supplements, diet aids, and vitamins.

Be Watchful

Because safety and security are issues that matter to our community, we encourage our Users to keep an eye out for any of the above-listed Items and any other Items that could be considered inappropriate, dangerous, or fake. Should you encounter any Listings that contravene these guidelines, you can report them by opening the Listing and tapping on the Report option.


Zwigi reserves the exclusive right to remove or take down any Listing deemed to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. Note that Company can take other actions it deems appropriate to protect Company's business, its Users, or others, and to address repeat offenders or severe offenses.

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