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  • How how long until a payment is deposited to my account?
    most users receive their earnings within 2 to 3 days and will be direct deposited to your chosen payment method, you can connect your earnings to any valid debit card or bank account.
  • How can I make a payment?
    We encourage that all payments should be completed within the app. We do not recommend accepting any other form of payment including any checks, foreign currency, wired money, etc.
  • Will my personal information be kept safe?
    Yes! Safety & security is a priority at Zwigi. Your private information will be protected and never sold or misused.
  • How do I safely conduct transactions?
    Making sure all users are safe is a priority. For a safer meetup here are some tips. - Bring a friend - Meet in a public area - Never share confidential information
  • are all users verified?
    Yes! every member of the marketplace must complete a quick ID verification check. We thought you'd probably appreciate a little more security while using the app.
  • Are there any prohibited items?
    There is a list of prohibited items that are not permitted to be bought,sold or rented. Safety is always a priority, so please help to maintain that safety. Zwigi holds the right to take down any listing that does not abide with our policy.
  • What if my item gets damaged?
    reimbursement will be paid for any damages during your rental period. Your items are protected at their fair market value. Support from our team will be given for all damage claims.
  • How to report damage?
    It's very important to report any damage either during or immediately after meeting up. You will be notified immediately once completed. Remember: - All claims must be submitted at the meetup location. - Provide any pictures, video's, statements, etc. that will help describe the damage in depth. - Be honest with the details of the claim to ensure a fast and smooth process.
  • What if I have a dispute ?
    All disputes will be handled based on the terms in the rental agreement. Any further escalation or unresolved issues may be handled individually at the users expense. Once a dispute is submitted both parties will be included in an open chat with a solution specialist to reach a resolution.
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